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Hookah Pipe reinterprets
Tea Ceremony

[ 吸うお茶 / 煙小卓 ]

The world’s first Hookah (Shisha) product based on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The new culturally inspired experience unites two social customs centered on social gathering and sharing shisha smoking and tea ceremonies to invent a new organic smoking product that replaces smoking tobacco leaves with tea leaves.

Listen to the Tobacco

[ 吸わない煙草 / 福龍庵 ]

The Japanese new meditative experience “Listen to the Tobacco” announced at the 100-year-old historical concert hall in Maruyama Park, the oldest park in Kyoto. It is a smoking experience based on the tea ceremony, where you can enjoy the fragrance of tobacco leaves without inhaling them.

Tea Smoking Ceremony
at Tokyo Marriott Hotel

[ 吸うお茶会 at 有時庵 ]

At the Gotenyama Sakura Tea Party held at the private TeaRoom "Ujian," designed by architect Arata Isozaki, located in the Gotenyama Trust City where Tokyo Marriott Hotel is situated, we hosted a “Tea Smoking Ceremony.”